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Kandi’s Cottage
22365 El Toro Road, #420, Lake Forest, CA 92630
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You can contact Kandi’s Cottage toll free at  (877) 870-6961
Address: 22365 El Toro Road, Suite 420, Lake Forest, CA 92630
Email:  Kandi@KandisCottage.com
Kandi’s Cottage
Like many small businesses Kandi’s Cottage was started because friends kept saying, "you should sell this" when they received a gift from her. Soon friends and family began asking for these items to give to their friends and in 1995, a "cottage industry" was born. That is why this is called "Kandi's Cottage."

But there is more to the story . . . Hi, I’m Kandi. I love beautiful things. I love shopping at small unique gift shops and do so wherever I am in the world. These stores carry items that just can’t be found in department stores, like hand-poured candles, hand wrapped soaps and stunning linens with exquisite lace and embroidery. I created my product line with these stores in mind. I know how hard it can be to find products that are different from the shop down the street or even in the next town. As a small business owner, you want to carry special and beautiful things for your customers. So, that’s what I make - beautiful and special things. I also love talking to my customers about their stores. I have an MBA and have been in the retail trade (which is more useful in the real world than a degree). I have written books about starting a business and have coached many small businesses over the years. I know about gift stores and how hard it is for you.

Kandi’s Cottage was started as a web-based store. It still is today. The first site had individual “rooms” with products appropriate to that room, napkins in the dining room, soap in the bath, etc. It has evolved over the years. The “rooms” are gone and in their place are Cottage Linens, Cottage Candles and Cottage Bath.. Each of these divisions of Kandi’s Cottage features unique and hard-to-find products. I develop my own scent blends and recipes for the Cottage Candles and Cottage Bath divisions and craft them individually. Every piece in the Cottage Linens  collection is also designed by me. The soft and rich colored fabrics are the perfect touch for both contempor­ary and traditional homes. I always begin creations with pure white 100 percent linen. Then add touches of color using lace, embroidery or colored linen to develop the design. Each one is unique and hand-crafted one at a time.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site. Ordering is simple and straightforward although If you prefer, I would love to take your order by phone.